Customer FAQs

General questions

At what age can I use the “purchase on account” or “purchase in instalments” options?

“Purchase on account” and “Purchase in instalments” are available at the age of 18.

Where can I find availabill’s banking information?

The banking information and associated reference number is provided on the payment slip that comes with your invoice.

You can’t find your payment slip? Please use the contact form.

How can I contact customer support?

For general questions about “purchase on account” or “purchase in instalments” please use the contact form.

Delivery & returns

When will I receive my goods?

For questions about your order, please contact the shop where you placed your order. Availabill is in charge of billing. The shop is in charge of shipping your order.

I’m not happy with my purchase. How do I proceed with the return of my purchase?

For complaints or issues with purchased goods, please contact the store where you made the purchase.

Overdue notices

I have received a overdue notice for an invoice I have already paid.

There can be several reasons for receiving an overdue notice for an invoice that you have already paid:

• The payment and the overdue crossed in the post
If you have already paid the invoice in full you can disregard the overdue notice.

• You provided the wrong reference number
If you made a mistake when entering the payment details please contact us using the contact form.

• You accidentally paid the wrong amount
The overdue notice shows the difference between the invoice total and the amount received. Please transfer the balance.

• You used the online shop’s banking information
Please ask the online shop to forward your payment to avaialabill so that we can close the case. That way you will not receive further overdue notices.

For other questions, please use the contact form.

Billing & payment plans

I received an invoice but my order has not yet arrived?

Even if the order and the invoice are shipped simultaneously, one of them may arrive a few days later. Please contact the shop to find out why your order hasn’t been delivered yet.

Why did I receive an invoice from availabill?

Availabill handles payment processes for shops. You receive an invoice from availabill if you selected one of our payment methods for your purchase. We coordinate the sending of the invoice with the delivery of your order. To make a payment, please use the payment slip with the reference number.

I did not receive an invoice. What should I do?

If you received your order but not the invoice we recommend the following:

Invoices sent by email:
• Check whether the invoice was inadvertently delivered to your spam folder.

Invoices sent by post:
• Even if the invoice and the order are shipped simultaneously, one of them may arrive a few days later.

If you have been waiting for your invoice for more than a week, please contact us via the contact form to request a copy of your invoice.

I need a copy of my invoice. What should I do?

Did you misplace your invoice or did you never receive it in the first place? You are welcome to request a copy of your invoice from us. Please use the contact form.

The value of my order has changed (due to returns, for example) Hence, the invoice total has changed. What should I do?

The shop will notify us in case of changes to your order (due to returns, for example). In this case, you will automatically receive a new invoice.

Why did I receive a payment plan along with my invoice?

In order to make payment as convenient as possible for you, we provide you with a payment plan (if the shop has enabled that option). You can choose to pay the invoice in full or in three convenient instalments spread over three months.

Why is the VESR number so important?

VESR stands for “Payment slip processing with reference number”. VESR is only used in conjunction with orange payment slips. With VESR, payments can be assigned and processed in a highly automated manner.

Thanks to the VESR reference number, we can ensure that your payment is assigned and processed correctly.

Can I pay my invoice at the post office?

You can only pay your invoice at the post office if you received a paper invoice by post. Invoices sent by postautomatically include a payment slip with a reference number and are accepted by the post office.

I received a payment plan for three instalments. Can I choose a different payment plan?

Currently, you can choose to pay the invoice in full or in three convenient instalments spread over three months.

I have difficulty paying my instalment this month. Can I put my payments on hold temporarily?

If you have difficulty paying your invoice or an instalment please contact our customer service team. They will work with you to find a solution. Please use the contact form.

Security and creditworthiness

I have good credit rating. Why was I rejected?

Several factors are taken into account when checking creditworthiness and identity. In addition to the customer’s financial situation we also check their home address, age and personal situation.

Is payment via availabill secure?

availabill’s purchase on account and in instalments is one of the most secure payment methods on the market. You don’t have to provide any credit or banking information. Invoicing is coordinated with the shipping of the goods by the shop.

How is a credit check conducted?

The credit and identity check is part of the online shop’s ordering process. We mostly rely on the information you provide and also take into account third party information.

What is a credit check?

The credit and identity check is a comparison between the information you provided during the ordering process and data from a credit reference agency.


I have exercised my right to return goods. When will I receive my refund?

We will process the refund as soon as we receive a refund confirmation from the store and your banking information.

Does availabill need my banking information for a refund?

We definitely need your complete banking information and customer number to process a store credit or refund. Please provide these in the contact form.

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