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Of course, there is already a wide range of payment solutions. But now there is a company that makes the most popular payment solutions purchase on account and purchase by instalments more modern, fresh, differently available – availabill.

For far too long payment has been seen and treated as a joyless process. Availabill will change that for merchants and shoppers. Merchants who sell great products and shoppers who appreciate it don’t want to lose the shared pleasure of paying. That is what availabill stands for.

That’s why availabill not only makes payment solutions available but also the joy of buying for all those involved in the buying process. We are convinced that enjoyment is an advantage in the competition for the best dealers and the best customers, who will gladly search for and find each other – with availabill. Oh happy pay!

The availabill team




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Availabill Talk

The videos are only available in German.

Merchant Talk: Talking to online shops

Jordi (CEO) talks to Mischa Katz (Managing Director of Pizela GmbH) about transformation, drivers in the payment environment and the importance of purchase on account in his own online shop.

Availabill introduces itself

Jordi Bellaazzini (CEO) introduces availabill: Who we are, what we do and why we love what we do.

CEO Talk: 100 days at availabill

How Jordi (CEO) wants to lead availabill into the future.

Risk Talk: The current situation

Jordi (CEO) talks to Sascha (Risk Expert) about the current growth in e-commerce and its impact on risk management.

Our values

We make special payment solutions availabill, and carry with our work values into society. Everyone in the team is aware of this task and responsibility. Accepting and living it, we provide happy moments for everyone who gets in contact with us – oh happy pay, oh happy day.


The truth has only one face. We show everyone. Even if it’s unpleasant. But in the end, truth is the only solution to be able to build an intensive relationship and to keep it.


There is no alternative to respect. In every situation and towards everyone. Without exception, because that is the essence of respect.

Team spirit

Being a team is good, living one is high school. We strive for it in order to strengthen ourselves and be strong for others.


We place the greatest possible trust in everyone and wish to do the same for ourselves. In this atmosphere there is nothing that cannot be solved. Then everything is safe – facts, feelings, relationships get the appreciation without which our work would not be possible.


You can’t be the best all the time. But you have to want to be, in order to be as close as possible to this state of affairs. As a person, as a team, as a service.

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