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FAQ for Merchants

General questions

When do I have to trigger the submission?

As soon as you have posted the order for shipment, you have to trigger the submission. If the submission is triggered before the order is shipped, the customer receives the invoice but not yet his order. The customer is unsettled and contacts our customer service. This situation should be avoided in the interests of the customer..

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When will I receive the merchant statement?

You will receive the Merchant Statement at the time of the payout, depending on the payout cycle you have chosen (this is specified in your contract). The Merchant Statement will be sent to you by email.

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Can I set several rate models?

We currently offer the following models for purchase by instalments:

  • B2C: 3 instalments in 3 months
  • B2B: flexible rate models
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I have a second online store. Can I use the same access data as for my first online shop?

If you would like to set up another shop and offer “purchase on account” and/or “purchase by instalments”, please contact your account manager. He will be happy to assist you with the activation.

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Questions about payment

How are credit notes/partial credit notes/cancellations made? What do I have to pay attention to?

Credits, partial credit notes and/or cancellations can be made at any time via the Admin GUI. You received the link to this in the email for the activation of your webshop. You are welcome to request a copy of the Admin GUI quick guide from your customer advisor or via the contact form.

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My customer has a good credit rating, but is rejected. What factors play a role in the credit assessment?

In a credit and identity check, various factors are compared. In addition to the economic situation, residential addresses, age and personal situation are also checked.

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My payment has not yet been made. What are the reasons for this?

As a rule, payment is made a few days after the submission of the tender. Please check your contract to see what agreement you have made.

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What does the dunning process look like and who has to bear the costs?

The customer of the webshop is responsible for the reminder costs, as he has to make sure that the invoice is paid on time.

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Technical questions

Who can I contact if I have questions about my connection?

If you have any questions regarding the connection, please contact our technical support. Please use the contact form or send us an email.

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Where can I find the interface description for the payment solutions purchase on account / purchase by instalments?

Please contact our technical support, use the contact form

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Purchase on account suddenly no longer works. What can I do?

There are various possibilities why “purchase on account” suddenly no longer works.

If you have recently made a shop update, please check if the update was successful.
Please check if you have installed the latest version of the shop software.
Please check if you have installed the latest version of the plugin.
Please check whether your access data have been changed.
Please check if you have made changes to your shop specific data of the API or the plugin.
If not only “purchase on account” but several online payment methods are affected by the failure, please check with your IT department whether there is a problem with the shop software.

Basically: For problems that indicate an irregularity in the Customweb plugin, please contact Customweb directly: http://www.customweb.com/de/contact

For problems that indicate an error in your own connection, please contact the IT manager in your company.

For problems referring to the payment provider (Datatrans), please contact Datatrans directly: https://www.datatrans.ch/en/contact

If you have any further questions, please contact our technical support team. Please use the contact form to contact us.

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I have a question about my plugin. Who can I contact?

Please contact our technical support. Please use the contact form.

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