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In Switzerland, good retail business is only possible with “purchase on account” and “purchase by instalments”. This applies to B2B and B2C. That is why we make these payment methods available. Not just like that, but simply fresh and smooth. So that everyone enjoys paying. The integration is also a pleasure, because there is already an interface to many shop systems. Oh happy pay…


Kauf auf Rechnung Fahrrad
Purchase on account

The customer pays the entire invoice amount at the specified payment date. The merchant defines the payment term, e.g. 30 days.

Sportschuhe kaufen auf Rechnung
Purchase on account at POS, instore

With purchase on account / by installment instore, your customer can also shop spontaneously, conveniently and securely in your branch, at trade fairs or in the pop-up store, without cash or cards. No matter where your point of sale is located.

Motorrad mit orangener Rechnung am Lenker
Purchase by installment

The following applies to B2C: The invoice amount is paid in 3 instalments within 3 months.

The following applies to B2B: Flexible rate models.

It works as simple as this

The customer goes to the checkout with his shopping cart. Here he enters his address data.
The customer selects purchase on account or purchase by instalments as payment method.
availabill validates the customer's details, checks their creditworthiness and approves purchase on account as a form of payment.
The retailer ships the goods to the customer.
Availabill takes care of sending the invoice and pays the dealer the invoice amount.
The customer pays the invoice amount to Availabill according to the payment term or installment plan.

More questions

Here you will find all available contact options to get any of your questions and requests answered.

Advantages that make you happy!

More turnover, more profit

Less purchase cancellations

Optimized conversion rates

Fast payout

100% risk assumption

First class customer service

Fortunately from one source

Optimized risk engine and fraud protection
Efficient invoice management including account management and limit control
Accounts receivable management / collection
Fair customer treatment even in case of late payment
Real-time decision on customer creditworthiness
Prompt payment to the online shop
Assumption of the del credere risk for shop operators
Customer-friendly call center for invoice questions, Partner Care for shop operators

Shop systems with existing interfaces

WP eCommerce
WOO Commerce
Modified eCommerce Shopsoftware
Commerce SEO
Ace Shop
Drupal Commerce
Oxid Esales
SEO Mercari
JTL Shop